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Bingo is a very popular game, and has been a favorite for a long time. There are different types of bingo and bingo history goes back a long way. The game was first introduced in Italy sometime in 1530, although then played Bingo variant was considerably different from what we now know as bingo. The initial version is more inclined to a lottery game mechanics today. It was immensely popular. Bingo became popular in France, but only among the wealthy aristocrats.

In late 1800, the Bingo had spread to Germany, where it was used primarily for educational purposes with school instructors who use it to teach children math, spelling, and other related topics. In the 20th century, the game became popular in the United States, which later was called Beano. A salesman named Edwin S. Lowe popularized the game called Bingo. Today it has become a very favorite game in the world, with over three million players who enjoy the game.

You can learn to play bingo by joining one of the many fine bingo sites. There are several bingo games being played today, and the rules vary. You will need to determine which version you want to play bingo specific before you can learn to play bingo.

75 Ball Bingo is the most popular variant in the United States. If you are starting to play Bingo, this is probably what you play. It is a perfect place for new players to get started. Online Bingo is also common, and many online bingo games extend many types of free bingo bonuses. If you would like to play bingo, you may want to know some of the terms of bingo colorful and interesting. You do not necessarily have to know terminology bingo play online bingo, but Bingo terminologies contribute to the excitement and fun to play. What are you waiting for? Have fun playing Bingo now!